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How To Write Comparison And Contrast Essays

A compare and contrast composition is among the most widely written essays in college; You are going to write this essay when you have to talk about two things which have some similarities but some differences too. This type of an essay is good to let the reader know the importance of the two things. What most students get wrong in this essay is that they think that they just have to talk about the differences. Not the similarities. That is not right at all. You need to add the complete details of the essay by talking about the similarities and the differences both. The idea is to give all the information to the reader so that he may be able to get a complete picture of both the items being discussed. You as a writer are actually a guide showing the reader around a world he knows nothing about. You need to break this world down so that it can be easily understood and does not confuse the reader more.

What Topic Should You Choose?

Choosing a topic might prove to be more complicated than you initially thought. There are so many things that can be compared and contrasted so which one is the best one for you? The simplest answer to this is that you should go with some topic that you are already familiar with. Writing about things that you have experienced in real life will allow you to make fewer errors and add more detail about them. Another point you should consider while choosing a topic is that both the things should have similarities in them. Finding differences is much easier but finding similarities is hard. So if you decide to write on the similarities of things which are already alike, you can search for the differences, and your essay will complete in no time.

The Structure Of The Essay

Comparison and contrast essays are usually under one of two writing structures. The first one is when you talk about one thing in the first half of the essay, and then you talk about the second thing in the other half. Both these things have to be explained in detail in their particular halves. Once that is done, you move to the third part of the essay where you will compare and contrast them. This structure is easy to follow and can be clearer to understand for many people. The second structure, however, is the more commonly used one. In this, the writer starts the comparison right from the beginning of the essay. There are no specific explanations of the two items because they are not needed. You make one paragraph about the similarities and one about the differences. The reader can understand the similarities and differences from the very beginning. This structure is smoother and has a good flow to it. We cannot decide between which structure is the best one and which is not. It all depends on your topic.

Researching On The Things

Whatever two things you are comparing and contrasting, make sure you have all the information about them. You need to do a massive amount of research before writing the essay. This study will act as evidence that is needed to support the points you are adding. If you are making a claim, what is its basis? You just cannot make something up without giving proper proof for it. The only way you can add proof is by doing your research. Researching now is very easy than it was a few decades backing. You just have to have an internet connection, and you can get access to millions of sites which will give you the information you need. So do not waste any time and get to work as soon as you are assigned the essay. The research will take up a lot of time, do not forget that.

Do Not Be Biased

The last piece of advice, do not be biased. One thing you need to be careful about while writing a comparison and contrast essay is not to be biased in any way. There are two things given to you. You cannot favor any one of them just because you like it more. You have to keep a very open mind when you are writing this essay because there are a lot of things to analyze. You might have your preference, but as a writer, you need to take into consideration the point of views of the general public. What you might think better, the others would not. So being biased in such an essay is not an option at all.

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