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Argumentative Essay Topics

There might be some teenagers taken too much pressure while initial days to go to colleges/universities. Its natural, but parents should have an eye on his kid.

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In most of the countries treated non-immigrant as same as immigrants have rights. Everyone must have the equality. We all are human beings.

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These day situations are getting worst. Finances/sponsors of the show come up with their mindset. They don’t care about the content . Things only matter them is profit.

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Spreading positivity in the society. In the other case if its harm someone who is legit, the trend “Fake News” we should all have to condemn.

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Yes , it does matter reality shows impact on society. Especially on girls, children and adolescents. They don’t understand. The writer of the show creates it for drama.

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Many teenagers cannot enter the college just because they didn’t pass the qualification test. And nowadays, this kind of case happens a lot.

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Yeah, The English should have their official language. There is no harm in it. The officials proposed law back in 2014.

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Persuasive Essay Topics

The technology has some advantages and disadvantages. Today school going kids are more involve with their smartphones and tablets if they are doing good stuff

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Those who have involved in one year community service in America will have better in schools and other curriculum, and a chance to become a good citizen.

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Point is that should it be necessary for girls to take a bold step, and then they have to take their parents consent on birth control.

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As Mr. Presidnet Trump said support immigration reform legit people deserve to get admission on merit basis. Kick them out to those illegals.

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Children who commit violent crime such as murder to be tried as adult. However, the risk of suicide is way higher for juveniles in adult jails.

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Generally, the period before and after the civil war 1812 considered to be Antebellum Era in the American history. Some of them expand the time frame.

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Both are ordinary citizen become Iconic Super heroes. The character was created in 1930. One is an Alien came from planet Krypton. Batman has no super power.

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Cat and Dog Both need your valuable time and care respectively. However, dogs are more trainable than cats. What matter is how you build a connection with your pet.

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Microsoft (MS Paint) which has been included in every Windows installation created 1985, Now its on the way to disqualified in the upcoming Windows 10.

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Fundamental differences between Communism vs. Capitalism. In 19th century challenge people faced during the cold war. Thousand of debates on economic equality.

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Building a strong relationship in an effective way is to spend time and avoid communication barrier. This will help to get closer.

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Natural environment disaster happened due to humans. The most worst effect human caused environmental disaster for short term and long term.

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Pepper serves coffee to visitors in Softbank in Tokyo. By the way Pepper is a Robot. Also 5G coming out with a blast of speed and connectivity.

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Digital Impact of technology affects development in the state of nature. There are some positive affects and some negative.

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Narrative Essay Topics

This is so common for kids to get injured on the school playground.because of improper maintenance or some other naughty kids bullying others.

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According to American law, rebellion act is the most extreme form of deviance. The word rebel is used 98 times in a Holy book of the Bible.

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The moral dilemma could be if teacher conducting an improper lecture isn’t it? Moral issues could be anything which bothers you.

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A modern example of the act of cowardice is mostly the inner side of anyone. The bad people around us.

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Health Essay Topics

Eating disorder and obesity happened when eating excessively or to those eating unhealthy food. Save from disorder and obesity eat food on time.

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Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized disease. Things need to be follow to avoid such disease or manage Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa.

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It’s an illness which effect feminism on Anorexic. The social phenomenon exists in the lives of female. In United States women are affected with either Anorexia or Bulimia.

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Reaction Paper Topics: Travel Essay Topics

Traveling with your best friend gives you a better understanding to know each other and the clear picture of the importance in each other life.

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The benefit of traveling alone gives you the confidence. Most importantly, no one stopping you to explore whatever you wanted to.

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The time you solo traveling you might have faced which give you a lesson for your whole life. You have the courage to face things alone and take decisions by your own.

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Reflection Paper Topics: Art Essay Topics

French architectures are one of the greatest experience in the modern world. Classical building with a contemporary design, the arc h history.

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There are some measure should be taken opera for survival. It would be a balance that will help to create a better picture in the future.

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Artist Van Gogh's Reimagines as a modern style icon. Bring back pop culture back in town with some signature style.

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